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Music has always been an important part of Natalie Goodman’s life. Singing and writing has given her an outlet her to channel her emotions and deal with life’s struggles. However, Natalie did not take to the spotlight in beginning. As a little girl here stage fright always seemed too much to overcome. It was when she was 12 that she took her first steps into the spotlight. Her chorus teacher at the time had a glimpse of Natalie’s undeniable talent and gave her a solo part in a performance. One small step at a time Natalie become comfortable in the warmth of the spotlight. With her comfort level on the rise she became the lead singer for her jazz band in high school. She and a few friends also formed a garage band and started playing for private parties. 

After high school Natalie was able to attend the University of Georgia on a D-1 soccer scholarship where she played on the varsity Women’s Soccer Team for all 4 years. With dreams of becoming a doctor, she had to balance a heavy premed course load and compete at an extremely high level as an elite college athlete. To add to a demanding college life, she suffered multiple injuries and illnesses during her four years. To emotionally overcome these obstacles, she picked up a guitar and returned to music which got her through the hard times. Her junior year she returned to playing around Athens, GA and performing the National Anthem at many University of Georgia sporting events including her own soccer games before taking the field. It was during this time that Natalie received national attention.

Her friend on the UGA football team happened to share a cover she performed on his social media. Shortly after that and 200,000 views later, a producer from the “The Voice” reached out to Natalie. She was asked to fly out to Houston for a callback audition. She did not make it past callback, but this pushed Natalie to give serious thought to her music career and her growing fan base. It was just then that Natalie plunged into songwriting head first. Natalie first attended a songwriter’s boot camp hosted by Kirsti Manna the writer for “Austin” the hit single by Blake Shelton which was a huge break for her. It was at this camp she won “Best Song of Camp” on their very first song she ever wrote, a title also won by country star Kelsea Ballerini. Natalie
was invited to Nashville by Kirsti and her husband Bill Warner to record a few songs she had written.

Since then Natalie has debuted her first single “Just a Friend” on all streaming services. Natalie is in the process of working on her EP which is set to release in Summer of 2019. She will be writing more music and playing shows to meet the demand of her vastly growing fan base. Natalie Goodman has had a long road, but these humbling experiences have prepared her for a successful music career and the ability to relate to her fans on a very personal level.

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